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Dust in my boots; gardening and sock protectors

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My garden has had a lot of attention lately.

We have a dream to turn our 3 acre semi-rural block into a green, productive paradise. But that means lots of hard work and not much time to write blog posts! So far we have planted fruit trees, put in two wicking beds, a raised garden bed, a herb bed and a seedling raising area, complete with automatic sprinkler.

While I do find gardening relaxing, therapeutic and an excellent work out, gardening in a South East Queensland summer can be tough. Obviously it gets hot (very hot!) and humid. Historically, it has enjoyed good rainfall, but the changing climate can mean that we can suffer long periods with no rain when the garden has to be manually watered to keep it alive. It can also be sweaty, dusty, muddy, insect ridden and full of sticks, hard rocks, prickles and the occasional snake.

So good boots are essential!


I love my work boots- they are surprisingly comfortable, if a bit heavy. They protect my feet from heavy rocks, insects and reptiles.

One small problem: dust in my socks. After a day of traipsing around, I would find my boots full of dust and pebbles, but men’s sock protectors (little sleeve things that go over the top of your boots and stop stuff from falling in them) are very boring, so I made my own! They are very easy, essentially a fabric tube with elastic at the top. I used a drill cotton, which was ok, but I found that it frayed a little.

I have included the pattern and instruction (well… I call it a pattern, but its really just a rectangle!) so that you can make your own. Just click on the link below.

DIY sock protectors

I love that two separate parts of my life (gardening and mucking around in my studio) have finally come together. I wonder what other sewing/gardening projects I can come up with?



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