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Crockery Memories Project

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For a while now, my art practice has dealt with memories and how textures, especially from tresured articles of clothing, can evoke memories. Here is an excerpt from my artist statement

“Life is a complex gathering of memories, and not always memories of important or life changing events, but the textures, smells, feelings and dreams of everyday existence. Memories are often impossible, hazy fragments that are not structured along a linear timeline, but an assortment of jumbled occurrences that are sometimes confused with dreams, day- dreams and stories. These tangled thread combined to form a life lived”

fancy huh?

So my new project is an extension of this and will include the memories of meals and the implements and containers we use/ used. I have some fond memories of cooking when I was a child and being allowed to experiment and make a mess. I also have some great memories of great (and not so great meals….thinking of the time Mum mistook rose hip jam for Pasta sauce… love you Mum, if you are reading x) meals shared with family and friends.
BUT to do this I need your help!
I am after images of crockery/serving dishes/ platters/cups/ pattern or colours that remind you of meals shared, in childhood or otherwise. You can share your images on instagram on the hashtag #crockerymemories
i will post photos of the resulting artworks as they are made

Can wait to see your photos!