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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Better living through vintage bikes

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This week I took delivery of a brand new, mint green vintage bike. It’s quite stunning!

The decision to buy a bike was to obviously to promote some healthy living in the house, but also as a way for me and husband to spend some time together doing something that isn’t watching episodes of True Blood all day. It has also meant that the car stays in the driveway, as the quick trip to the shop for milk can be done on my bike, rather than wasting energy and fuel driving the car. So its making me feel warm and fuzzy in an environmentally friendly kind of way too!

You can have a look at the brand and style  here, and the lovely boys at iRide, Toowoomba made it all happen, including spunky new helmets.

And apparently, I am quite cool now, retro bikes being all the rage and featured in the delicious mag, Frankie. The style of bike pictured in this article is a little bit different, but its nice to have a bike option that isn’t all tiny shorts, lycra tops and ridiculous shoes. These lovelies are dress and thong friendly!

I think I’m in love!! ❤ ❤